cheilectomy surgery

Cheilectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the great toe to remove spurring from the top of the joint. The surgery is performed to help with pain in the great toe joint and also on top of the great toe joint.

chronic ankle instability

Ankle sprains are a common foot and ankle injury. When ankle sprains recur frequently or if not treated properly this can lead to chronic ankle instability. Proper treatment and evaluation are important as ankle sprains tend to be undertreated and not always thoroughly evaluated.

fibularis longus pain

The fibularis longus also helps to support the arches of the foot. When you activate these muscles, the foot will be pulled away from the opposite foot. When you have pain of the fibularis longus it is usually the tendon around the ankle and foot rather then the muscle portion that extends up into the lower leg.


Frieberg’s disease is a rare presentation in the foot that can be misdiagnosed and overlooked. To better understand what it is we first need to go over the basics of how your bones develop in your foot.

phalanges in the foot

There are many bones in the foot making its anatomy one of the more complex in your body. Of the 26 bones in the human foot approximately half of them are phalanges in the foot.

sesamoiditis treatment

The sesamoid bones are small pea shaped bones that sit beneath the big toe joint. Where there is pain under your big toe it may be called sesamoiditis pain.

blister infection on toes

Experiencing a blister on your toe is a common occurrence, often resulting from pressure or rubbing. Given that the foot is the foundation of your body and bears the entirety of your body weight, blisters are almost inevitable.

Posterior Tibial Nerve

Have you considered the posterior tibial nerve as the potential culprit behind the nerve pain in your foot? This blog delves into the functions of the posterior tibial nerve, exploring its impact on the bottom of your foot and the diverse symptoms it may trigger, including burning, tingling, numbness, and weakness.


Plantar plate tear is not a common foot and ankle complaint, and it can be challenging to diagnose. Understanding the symptoms and causes of this foot issue is crucial for those experiencing severe pain and swelling in the ball of the foot, particularly around the second toe.

Cuboid Syndrome treatment

Cuboid pain is not one of the most common foot complaints, but that’s why this blog is important for you to read. It’s a diagnosis that can be overlooked by healthcare professionals.

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