nerve decompression surgeryThe doctors at Anderson Center for Nerve Pain are among few experts who specialize in treating chronic pain due to various types of conditions and injuries to peripheral nerves. We treat neuropathy, restless leg syndrome and drop foot, as well as other chronic nerve pain conditions throughout the body with groundbreaking new surgical procedures.

If your pain is due to injury or entrapment of one or more peripheral nerves, or from previous surgery, then there is a very high chance that we can help.

Nerve decompression surgery opens the tight area through which the affected nerve travels. This gives the nerve more room and allows blood to flow better in the nerve, as well as providing relief from the pressure that also detrimentally affect nerves.

Nerve Resection surgery removes the offending nerve branch thereby removing the source of the pain, without damaging the nerves that support muscles necessary for movement.

The surgery can be performed in our Surgery Center and takes about one hour, with one hour of recovery.. Many patients have noted restored sensation and reduced pain immediately after anesthesia wears off, and most patients can walk again right away.

Dr Anderson and Dr Aguila are two of a very few doctors who can address these issues and reverse the pain you have by releasing or blocking the nerves that give you your painful symptoms:

  • Lower extremity neuropathy and restless legs
  • Upper extremity neuropathy
  • Chronic pain and joint pain. Avoid joint replacement surgery.
  • Pain following knee replacement surgery
  • Shoulder pain following reconstructive surgeries to this area
  • Groin pain after hernia surgery
  • Pelvic Pain or Pain from Caesarian section deliveries
  • Back or neck pain. Avoid surgery to your spine
  • Post amputation pain
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Chronic migraine headaches

When you or other doctors have given up we can offer solutions!!