Osaka Japan 2019



I n 2019 I was invited to Osaka Japan to speak to neurosurgeons. At this meeting, I shared my study on the reversal of Restless Legs Syndrome. This is the first paper published to demonstrate the improvement of Restless Legs symptoms by nerve decompression surgery in the legs. The paper also reviewed the history of Restless legs Syndrome and current treatments. We currently have a second paper soon to be published with more rigorous data to support that compression of nerve tunnels in the legs may cause Restless Legs Syndrome.

Read The Published Paper Here

Chongqing, China 2017


Dr. Anderson shares his research and expertise regarding the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.

Read The Published Paper – Part 1

Read The Published Paper – Part 2



I traveled to Chongqing China to speak to an organization of foot and ankle surgeons from throughout the world. At this meeting, I shared my original research on the reversal of diabetic neuropathy in diabetic patients. Intraoperative nerve monitoring was done during surgery to show nerve function improvement after the common peroneal nerve tunnel in the leg was opened. This is the first paper to show objective evidence that nerve function in the diabetic is improved and therefore symptoms reversed. Since then a second paper has been published on how nerve function improvement correlates to severity of diabetes, age, obesity etc.

Dubai, UAE 2015



Ahart Solutions International invited me to Dubai ,UAE to present my research and expertise in peripheral nerve surgery. The mission of this organization is to bring the medical expertise of the United States to the middle east. This presentation was given to other doctors and companies that shared in this mission. My contribution to this organization would be to bring my expertise to help deliver medical services to those suffering from Diabetic neuropathy. Arabia has one of the highest diabetic rates in the world.