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Restless legs syndrome is a misunderstood diagnosis. Approximately 10% of the population suffers from it, and half of those people suffer severely. The problem with restless legs syndrome is that it comes upon people at night- causing people to dread going to sleep.It may become difficult for people to sleep, and in fact, it is considered a very serious sleep disorder because at the end of the day, the lack of sleep can cause a multitude of problems including weight gain. It’s a psychological and physical roller coaster for many, and here at Anderson Podiatry Center for Neuropathy and chronic pain, we are in the forefront of helping treat this.


The symptoms of restless legs involve creepy crawling sensations, uneasiness or jersking. Another name for the jerkiness is called periodic limb movement disorder, which may also be associated. It is important to understand that a very high percentage of people with neuropathy also have restless leg symptoms associated. In the majority of cases, the symptoms are in the legs, ankle and extending down into the feet. There can also be lesser symptoms of tingling, burning and some numbness.

Conventional Treatment

Conventional treatment is aimed at alleviating the symptoms or lessening them by treating dopamine levels- which are found to be possibly lower in people with restless legs. Iron levels are also thought to be associated with restless leg syndrome. Some have found that utilizing iron supplements may have an effect, but by and large, most treatments for restless legs are associated with medication. These medications can include ropinirole Mirapex, Neurontin and Lyrica.

Our Approach

Our approach deserves a new name and approach. It is cutting edge and revolutionary in that Dr. Anderson was the first doctor to publish information on how restless legs can be reversed surgically. He also is the author of a book called, A Perfect Night’s Sleep-How to Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome. Our approach at Anderson Podiatry center involves treating the problem at the root. For many patients this lies in nerve pathways in the lower extremity. Dr. Anderson has been trained and is board certified as a Peripheral Nerve Surgeon. Dr. Anderson sees patients across the United States and other countries who seek out his expertise in this arena.

Non-surgical treatment

The basic concept is that restless legs can be reversed by opening up nerve tunnels that have become too tight and are causing the symptoms. A comparison would be  doing carpal tunnel surgery in the upper extremities. For people that live more locally in Colorado, non-surgical options, such as ESTIM and laser have been also quite effective.

These are the things to consider when evaluating how you want to treat your restless legs- as it is vital to get back your sleep and return to better health. We look forward to meeting with you and teaching you more about our innovative approach to reversal of your restless legs.

All you want after a long day is to crawl into bed and drift off to a sound, peaceful sleep. 

But just when you start to get comfortable, you feel an overwhelming urge to move your legs. That dreaded tingling, itching, aching, jerking, or “creepy-crawly” sensation starts to take hold, keeping you awake and uncomfortable throughout the night.

Here at Anderson Podiatry Center, our highly trained specialists in restless leg syndrome take you seriously. We know what it’s like to live with this frustrating condition: that’s why we were the first doctors in the Rocky Mountain region to offer a groundbreaking nerve decompression treatment that offers long-lasting relief.

Our surgical and non-surgical treatment options for Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) include:

Benefits of nerve decompression surgery for RLS:

  • Offers long-lasting relief
  • Treats the underlying cause of restless legs syndrome, not just the symptoms
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Medicare-certified, state-of the art-surgery center

Dr. Anderson’s book, “A Perfect Night’s Sleep” discusses how to eliminate restless legs syndrome so patients can have more energy, improve their mood, lose weight, and have a perfect night’s sleep.

“A scholarly book about a problem of wide interest to those whose legs are “on the move”. Dr. Anderson presents a well-reasoned surgical solution that will help many people to have their restless legs become peaceful.” – A. Lee Delion, MD, PhD. Professor of Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University

“Based on years of surgical experience and research, in this book Dr. Anderson is presenting a new surgical solution to the underestimated medical problem known as Restless Leg Syndrome. This novel approach may help many people suffering from this complex disease by improving their quality of life.” – Marie Sieminow MD, PhD. Professor of Orthopedics and Directory of Microsurgery Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago. World renowned for performing the first full face transplant surgery.

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