Joint denervation is a unique service that we offer. Oftentimes, patients think they’re at the end of the rope and may even be considering an ankle joint replacement. We offer joint denervation as another alternative. This is a lower invasive technique and does not have the layup and risk of ankle replacement surgery. We isolate and identify one or two nerves, that when removed, will block your ability to feel your arthritic pain. Without receiving the painful signals, patients can enjoy a pain free joint. This has been very successful for many patients and has allowed these patients to avoid ankle replacement surgery.Joint in the body

  • Are you questioning what to do for your painful joint?
  • Did you know you have a choice?
  • Is there a better option then joint replacement or fusion?
  • Why do I still have a painful joint after my surgery?
  • Do I need another joint surgery?
  • Do I need to go through the long joint replacement recovery process?

Most likely, no!  Read on…

Foot, Ankle, Knee, Wrist and other Joint Pain

Over the past several years,Dr. Anderson, foot and ankle surgeon, has helped pioneer the concept of Joint Denervation Surgery:

  • Dr. Anderson has been able to save patients from having to undergo more major surgery such as a fusion in the foot or ankle or a joint replacement such as in the ankle.
  • Dr. Aguila has now joined our practice to add like services for other joints of the body, including the knee joint.
  • The concept is simple:
  • When a joint becomes arthritic, or painful, a new option exists to remove one or two nerve branches.
  • This blocks your ability to feel the painful joint.
  • It does not in any way affect the nerves that would affect muscles to help stabilize the limb.
  • By doing this, many patients can either delay or eliminate the need for fusion of a joint or a joint replacement procedure.

With the addition of Dr. Aguila to our team the option of joint denervation has expanded to knee, shoulder and hands.

Knee Pain

One of the most commonly performed orthopedic surgeries is a total knee replacement. Currently, there are approximately 700,000 of these procedures done every year in the US and it is projected to increase to almost 3.5 million procedures by the year 2030.

Persistent pain or discomfort after a total knee replacement (which occurs in approximately 40% of patients) represents a growing problem.

  • Any kind of surgery on the knee joint carries with it a small but significant risk of damage to one or more of these nerves.
  • The surgery itself causes swelling, inflammation and scarring that can entrap nerves causing severe pain with motion of the joint.
  • Many patients who end up in this situation undergo multiple additional orthopedic knee surgeries including revision after revision before finally being consigned to a pain management fate…

Specialized understanding of the nerve anatomy around joints provides the option of a “joint denervation procedure,”

  • damaged nerves can be located and disconnected upstream from the area of injury.
  • Prevention of additional inappropriate stimulation and the formation of painful neuromas is also addressed.
  • This serves to shut off the pain signal to the patient’s brain and eliminate the sensation of pain in the knee area, and reducing or eliminating the need for knee joint surgery!

With our peripheral nerve team approach those suffering from joint pain can now have another solution that has an added advantage of resuming activity faster!!
At Anderson Podiatry Center, we offer a multitude of solutions for your ankle pain. Don’t let your ankle pain keep you from doing the activities you desire. Get your mind off your pain and back to the things you enjoy and that are beneficial to your general health.

Call us today to find out if denervation can solve your joint pain problem once and for all!