If you are experiencing a foot or ankle issue, you should visit one of our expert Broomfield podiatrists right away. We treat all extremities below the knee; like bunions, heel pain, ingrown toenails, hammer toe, sports injuries, and more. Dr. James Anderson (DPM, ABPS, FACFS, FAENS), Dr. Stephen Wilkinson (DPM, ABPS, FACFS), and Dr. Katherine Reeve (DPM) serve our Broomfield location.

Dr. Anderson seeks out the latest developments in lower extremity care through training and continuing education and, as a result, is able to bring innovative and state-of-the-art treatments to the Rocky Mountain region.

From basic foot or ankle pain to diabetic foot care, our podiatrists are trained to treat injuries or conditions involving the skeletal system, joints, ligaments, bones and tendons. Dr. Anderson is also dedicated to research in the field of nerve procedures that treat nerve pain, and conducts several research studies with Colorado State University.

All our podiatrists have undergone extensive training, which allows them to provide the best and most comprehensive care of your lower extremities.

While there are hundreds of doctors who treat lower extremities in Broomfield, our foot doctors and surgeons focus entirely on these issues and are skilled at finding the root of your foot, ankle, and lower leg problems. In fact, we were the first doctors in the Rocky Mountain region to offer treatments for arthritis pain and neuropathy, and we are always looking for new ways to help our patients live life to the fullest.

The team at Anderson Podiatry is proud to bring comprehensive foot and ankle care to Broomfield and its surrounding areas. Our staff and podiatrists have a deep understanding of just how important the health of your feet is. We take every necessary step to provide detailed, specialized care for every patient that comes into our office.

If you are dealing with any problems with your feet or ankles, you may be wondering “who is the best podiatrist near me?” With locations in Fort Collins , Cheyenne and Broomfield, look no further than the experts at Anderson Podiatry.




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Grace’s Story: Arthritis in Big Toe Joint

As a kindergarten teacher for many years, Grace was used to being on her feet all day. “I was busy,” Grace says, “And I just didn’t have time to address all my aches and pains.” Grace had pain in her big toes, but she ignored it and kept up with her active life, and her daily one-mile walks. “I just sucked it up,” Grace says, “I think a lot of people do that when they are busy.” (more...)

Raymond’s Story: Decades of Chronic Foot Pain

24 Years in the Military

Raymond Evans was accustomed to toughing out pain. But after serving for 24 years in the military, he was experiencing chronic foot pain that had become debilitating. Now working in the mail business, Raymond’s job required him to be on his feet all day every day, and it was becoming harder and harder for him to get through the day. (more...)

Shelly’s Story: Searching for an “RLS Cure” at 2:30am

Shelly was no stranger to 2:30am. Like many people who struggle with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), she was used to being awake while the rest of the world was asleep. Finally one night, she had enough. She went online, typed in “RLS cure” and began searching for a solution. What she found would change her life. (more...)

Wade’s Story: Restless Leg Syndrome & Dropfoot

For most people, restless leg syndrome would be overwhelming enough to deal with by itself, but Wade had restless leg syndrome and dropfoot, a condition that makes it hard to lift your toes or move your feet from side to side. Here’s his story, and how one procedure solved both of his problems. (more...)

Judy’s Story: Finally, Relief from Neuropathy

Judy Schmidt was at the end of her rope. After more than 20 years of debilitating neuropathy, countless doctors’ appointments, and pain that just wouldn’t let up, she was ready to quit. Finally, she found hope. (more...)


Matt had bunions on both of his feet since he was a small child, and within the past year they had gotten so bad he could not walk, run or be very active without experiencing extreme pain. Matt had a truly great experience at Anderson Podiatry from the moment he walked in (more...)