Nail Trimming Services

The older we get, the more common it is to have nails that become thickened and discolored. This can partly be due to onychomycosis, better known as nail fungus. At Anderson Podiatry Center, we service those dealing with this issue through a plethora of options.

nail trimming podiatryOftentimes, as we get older, it becomes difficult for us to trim these types of nails; they may be so thick that you don’t have the proper tools to do the job. It also may be physically difficult to reach down and trim the nails.For others with diabetes, proper care of nails may be an important part of good diabetic foot care. Whatever the reason, we are here to provide the service of routine nail trimming. In some cases, this is covered by insurance and can be done on a routine basis, possibly every two to three months.

We have the tools and instruments to grind extremely thickened nails down. In fact, if it’s just one or two nails that are very thick and painful, the option of permanent removal of the toenail could also be an option.

We also offer the service of laser toenail fungus maintenance. Lasers can be very useful in improving the appearance of the nail and preventing the fungus from worsening. We use a special grinder that thins the nails down,which is loved by patients as the grinding system helps the nail appear nicer cosmetically.

If you’re troubled with your nails, having difficulty trimming them, or are unable to reach down to trim them because of physical limitation, please consider routine nail trimming at Anderson Podiatry Center. We’re glad to service you, as these treatment options allow patients to be more comfortable in their shoes.

If you are elderly, infirmed or suffer from restricted movement, a nail cutting service can be a very important aspect of your healthcare.

Nails can become very long and can break leaving sharp edges that can penetrate the skin and lead to pain and infection. Thick nails, left untreated often worsen and cause pain. Those more susceptible to infection such as the elderly and diabetics are particularly at risk.

These problems can be avoided with regular nail trimming and reduction in the thickness of the nail. If you cannot or should not do this yourself, then this service is ideal for the health and safety of you and your feet.

Many times nail fungus can add to a person’s toenail issues, causing thick, brittle and sometimes even painful nails. At Anderson Podiatry Center we also offer highly effective laser and topical treatments that can stop the cause of these nail problems altogether, and return your nails to a clear, healthy condition.

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