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Achilles tendinitis is a common problem that can be very frustrating and difficult for people to get rid of. This pain exists on the back of the heel where the tendon attaches. With pain in this location, it can hurt to wear shoes that rub against the tendon, or even just to the touch. You may even develop a “boney” enlargement called Haglunds deformity. Many people also experience pain above the heel bone where the tendon is most prominent and narrowest.

The Achilles is attached to two powerful muscles in the calf that allow us to propel ourselves forward as we walk. It has a lot of work to do as a lot of stress goes through this tendon. Whether you’re experiencing pain behind your heel bone or in the actual tendon itself, the pain can come on over a longer period of time. You may have it for months and have tried all types of treatments, like stretching and icing, with minimum relief.

achilles tendonitis causes and treatment


So, what causes Achilles tendinitis? It can be a multitude of things. Simple overuse from walking, running or hiking is a common cause, but biomechanical factors can also lead to Achilles tendinitis. Maybe you overpronate (your feet are flat), or maybe you even have Achilles tendon tightness, which can also help create this issue.

So, what can be done for this? Well, if you have Achilles tendinitis and you’re very active, the first thing to do is to back off- make sure you have days of rest between your activities. Sometimes people can over-train, and this could lead to the problem as well. Icing may be helpful in these cases, and anti-inflammatories can help if they are used for a long time. Proper evaluation by a podiatrist is especially important if your problem is becoming chronic. There are situations where a tendon tear may be present, and stretching only aggravates the problem. Diagnostic ultrasound and MRI are important tools to make the proper diagnosis before treatment begins.

Treatment Options

Our treatment options at Anderson Podiatry Center are very successful as we are good at avoiding the need for any surgical intervention for Achilles tendinitis. In fact, orthotic devices are frequently used to help with this. Oftentimes it’s not a matter of how tight the tendon is, but more a matter of how much your foot pronates or flattens. This contributes to Achilles tendon pain because the insertion of the Achilles is your heel, and depending on how much your heel is rolling, it can add a lot of additional stress to the tendon.

Another treatment option we use is regenerative medicine. We were the first clinic in the country for foot and ankle to use this treatment option and have had great success. There’s minimal downtime compared to a surgical option and patients are able to walk immediately after the procedure. Many patients have had satisfactory relief with regenerative medicine that gets them back to full activity.

Laser therapy can also be very useful as it has helped many of our patients. The lasers we use deeply penetrate and help the body repair itself. They work by targeting an area of your tendon cells called the mitochondria; every cell in your body has an area called the mitochondria that is the powerhouse of the cell. It’s the engine, and the generator that helps repair the cell. We also may incorporate the use of shockwave therapy. This FDA approved technology uses powerful soundwaves to create trauma to the tendon, thereby promoting your body’s own healing processes to be accelerated. Patients may also walk immediately after this treatment.

If you’re tired of not doing the activities you want to, and tired of closed shoes being a pain to wear, consider visiting us for a consultation. If you’re not getting better with your own self treatment, it may be time to have a proper evaluation. Make sure you are treating it in a timely manner as waiting can cause more complications. Let us help you get back to pain free activities again!

You’re relatively healthy and you try to stay active and physically fit. So why is the back of your heel aching and painful?

If you’ve recently gotten back into sports or only play on the weekends, you could have aggravated or torn your Achilles tendon, which runs from the back of your heel bones to your calf muscles. Wearing high heels can also aggravate the Achilles tendon, as can having leg muscles that are too tight.

Alternatively, if you’re one of the many people who struggle with chronic Achilles tendonitis, and stretching and physical therapy have gotten you nowhere, it’s time to look into other options.

The podiatrists at Anderson Podiatry Center are experts in Achilles tendonitis. In fact, our doctors were the first in the Rocky Mountain region to offer groundbreaking laser and low-intensity shockwave treatments that offer long-lasting relief.

Treatment options include:

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