anderson center for surgeryIn 1998, Anderson Podiatry Center opened its Surgery Center, becoming the first and only complete care center in the tri-state (Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska) region. Our state-of-art, Medicare-Certified surgery center offers Podiatry as well as chronic pain procedures that are high in quality and often lower in price than full-service hospitals. We offer complete specialized care from an experienced, dedicated team.

Our podiatry surgery relieves conditions from bunions and hammertoes to heel pain and ankle problems. Our medical staff also includes Dr. James Anderson, DPM, one of the top peripheral nerve surgeons in the country and abroad who provides advanced surgeries for lower extremity neuropathy and restless legs.

In addition to these specialized podiatric surgeries, we are fortunate to have expanded our services to include additional specialized procedures that treat chronic pain and numbness throughout the rest of the body, performed by another top peripheral nerve surgeon Dr Demetrio Aguila, MD. These include other neuropathies, joint pain, pain following surgeries, back or neck pain, chronic migraine headaches, and more. These specially trained doctors are often able to provide relief when patients or other doctors have given up hope. Our center treats patients from all over the country who come for the specialized care not available elsewhere.

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surgery insurance coverageThe Cost of Surgery Today and our Unmatched Low-Cost Alternative Pricing

We see many patients who have insurance coverage for their medical needs, and we welcome these patients to our center. Our staff will verify your benefits and let you know your out-of-pocket costs well before your surgery date.

If, however, you have a high deductible or are part of a self-insured plan at a large company, you owe it to yourself or your business to take a look at our cash pricing which is listed on this site. It could very well and often does save patients precious dollars.

If you are considering a trip to a foreign country for a procedure we offer here, you should look here first.

Finally, if you have no insurance at all, this facility will provide quality and pricing that we believe are unmatched.

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expert specialized treatmentsExpert, Specialized Treatments and Affordable, Price-Transparent Care

It is no secret to anyone that the pricing of surgical services is at the top of the list of problems in our dysfunctional healthcare system. Surgical care in the United States can be cost prohibitive. As more and more patients find themselves paying more and more out of pocket, it is clear that something must change. We believe that including a very different approach is necessary, one involving transparent and direct pricing for those whose insurance plans demand a high deductible cash outlay or for those who want a less expensive alternative to typical hospital pricing.

  • Transparent, direct package pricing means the patient knows exactly what the cost of the service will be upfront.

Our Fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist and facility are all included in one low price. There are no hidden costs, charges or surprises.

  • The cash pricing outlined on this website is not a teaser, nor is it a bait-and-switch ploy. It is the actual price you will pay. We can offer these prices because we are completely physician-owned and managed.
  • We control every aspect of the facility from the most efficient use of staff, to the elimination of wasteful operating room practices that non-profit hospitals have no incentive to curb.
  • We are truly committed to providing the best quality care at the lowest possible price.

traveling for medical care

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Traveling for Care at Anderson Center for Surgery: Expert, Specialized Treatments and Affordable, Price-Transparent Care

When traveling for medical care, people search for specialized services, quality and great service (location doesn’t hurt either, and neither does cost effective care). You need and deserve the best. Anderson Center for Surgery is just such a place.

Complete Care One Setting

  • We are the first and only complete care center in the Rocky Mountain Region for Podiatry and Lower Extremity Nerve Pain, as well as for Chronic Pain Throughout the Body, with both office and surgery center in one convenient location offering complete specialized care from a dedicated team.  

Expert Specialized Care

  • We have been offering excellent care to patients in the US and Canada for over 35 years.  We offer several specialized services rarely available elsewhere:
    • We have provided care for thousands of patients using advanced treatment options for neuropathy and restless legs from one of the most experienced and expert surgeons in these procedures in the country and abroad, enabling patients to reverse their symptoms.
    • We provide relief for chronic pain and numbness throughout the rest of the body, including other neuropathies, joint pain, pain following surgery, back or neck pain, chronic migraine headaches, and more.
    • Our doctors are often able to provide relief when you or other doctors have given up hope.

Price Transparency and Cost-Effective Services

Over 1.5 million Americans travel every year for medical care.  Many current consumers of healthcare face high deductibles, no insurance, or narrow networks that prohibit care from the providers of their choice. Travelling for care allows patients with or without coverage to get affordable care and bypass long wait times.

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For those without insurance as an option or who have high deductibles and want lower cost options, we offer cost transparent and competitively priced services that bring patients to our center from all over the country. Anderson Center for Surgery is open and transparent about our fees and the cost of treatment.  We have designed fee-for-service packages to meet our patients’ diverse needs. We bundle our services into a global package so our patients know exactly what the treatment will cost.  Click HERE for more information on our affordable, quality care with only One Bill.  By purchasing a discounted package prior to treatment, patients avoid extra costs involved with paying for individual services.

We encourage patients to be fully educated about all of the costs for their specific situation. Our patient coordinator will tell you exactly what to expect when it comes to the cost of your treatment, and we have financing options available.

Take the First Steps with Anderson Center for Surgery

Our team is experienced in assisting patients with travel logistics in order to foster as stress-free an experience as possible. Consequently, patients receive top-quality care from our specialized team in a relaxing environment located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, situated right along the Front Range and just an hour from Denver.

We are easily accessible whether traveling nationally or internationally or from local communities like Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne and their surrounding areas.

Whether a national or international patient, at Anderson Center for Surgery it is extremely important to us that our patients have a positive experience. As part of this effort, our team will tell you exactly what to expect when it comes to your surgery experience here as well as the cost of your treatment, and we have financing options available.

We look forward to meeting you!