If you think you have a fractured foot or ankle, it’s time to see an expert!

Did you recently fall or jump down from something, and feel something pop in your foot or ankle? Did you drop something on your foot? Has there been a sudden increase in your exercise levels followed by pain in your foot, ankle or calf area? You might have a foot or a toe fracture.

Usually, the pain of a broken bone in your foot will hurt enough to prevent you from putting any weight on it. But not always! If you have a crooked toe that’s bruised and sore, and just isn’t getting better, it might be broken. Also, if you’ve recently started working out and have been putting a lot of pressure on your feet, you could have stress fractures, which are tiny cracks in the bone surface.

Stress fractures, out of all the types of fractures we see are the most common.

What is a stress fracture? 

Like the words describe, it’s a fracture due to excessive stress on the bone. This occurs not all at once, but over time from too much stress being placed on the bones of the foot. As the foot is the foundation of the body it must handle a lot of stress. Frequently, the cause is from simply doing too much too soon. I frequently recommend to my patients who are taking up running or walking to have more rest days. Walking or running three or four day per week may be better than five or six days.

You may find that even though you exercise fewer days, it may be safer to do it for longer time periods, maybe an hour walk rather the a 35-minute walk. Your body will have more days of rest which helps you become fitter, faster. The majority of stress fractures will occur in the long metatarsal bones which are the bones that start in your instep and extend down to the ball of the foot. There is usually pain and swelling associated with it.


The trained specialists at Anderson Podiatry Center can help you determine if a bone is broken. Treatment consists of:

  • Casting or splinting the bone
  • Surgery may be necessary.

Don’t live another day with foot pain, bruising, or swelling caused by a fracture. Our doctors are ready to help you get back on your feet!

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