Don’t let arthritis keep you from living life to the fullest. If you’re facing ankle, joint or other foot fusions or joint replacement, there is an alternative with less risk and less recovery time. Contact Anderson Podiatry Center today.

foot arthritis treatmentArthritis (most commonly osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) can be painful, debilitating, and frustrating. Swollen, stiff joints and “flare-ups” after periods of activity can make daily life difficult.

The highly trained podiatrists at Anderson Podiatry Center take arthritis—in all its forms—seriously. That’s why we were the first doctors in the Rocky Mountain region to treat painful arthritic joints with nerve removal, bypassing the need for more complicated bone surgery.

Our podiatrists are the first in the region to offer groundbreaking new Regenerative Medicine, like our painless and fast procedure that can help repair cartilage in the foot and ankle joint with no down time. If you suffer from debilitating arthritis, our team might be able to help you avoid or delay surgery—including joint fusion or replacement—and get back to the activities you love sooner.

Our varied and affordable treatment options can get you back on your feet, helping to relieve pain and inflammation.

Resection surgery removes small nerve branches around the painful joint to decrease or eliminate the sensation of pain in that joint. It is much less risky than conventional surgery for joint replacement or fusion, and involves much less healing time. Our doctors have had remarkable results using this procedure and patient satisfaction is very high.

Don’t let your arthritis continue to progress—the podiatrists at Anderson Podiatry Center are ready to help you get back on your feet.

  • Long-lasting relief is our goal
  • We treat the underlying cause of arthritis, not just the symptoms
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Medicare-certified, state-of the art-surgery center