The two diagnostic terms used for Chronic Pain are

  1. RSD:  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  2. CRPS:  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which is comprised of
    1. CRPS I (unknown cause)
    2. CRPS II (from trauma)

Both terms cause fear among doctors and hopelessness and despair among patients. They are mysterious medical conditions that often lead patients to be treated in pain clinics or told, “You just have to learn to live with it.”

The history of Chronic Pain:  Have doctors been treating the smoke or the fire when it comes to your chronic pain?

  • Are you tired of doctors not understanding what you are going through?
  • Frustrated with pain clinics that seem like an opiate dispensary?
  • Simply looking for (lasting) relief?

Then please read this!  Learn how we can put out the fire and give you relief!

The Old Way:

RSD (formerly called causalgia) and CRPS type I and II all have similar symptoms:

When there is nerve damage to a limb a message is sent to the spinal cord that causes a fight-or-flight response: norepinephrine kicks in and causes sweating, color and skin changes in addition to the nerve pain response itself.

One of the following treatments is traditionally tried:

  • Cortisone injections – back
  • Nerve Stimulator – back
  • Drug Treatments – opiates
  • Living in pain – little improvement

This is like sucking smoke from the fire but not extinguishing the flames.  They offer (often temporary) symptom relief but provide little chance of finding the cause and the cure.

The New Way:

Most doctors uniformly fail to identify and address the underlying peripheral nerve problem.

We determine what specific peripheral nerve has been injured.  Until you find this there may be minimal improvement.

Surgically releasing the pressure on the (essentially) pinched nerve, or de-connecting or reconstructing the nerve is very successful at restoring normal function and returning the patient to a normal life.

This medical specialty of peripheral nerve and nerve surgery is giving hope to many who had all but given up. Dr’s. Anderson and Aguila specialize in and are helping to revolutionize medicine’s approach to chronic pain.

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