james anderson radio interview


Hear from your local podiatrist Dr. James Anderson in this candid interview on 93.5 Oldies radio.

In this candid interview with Dr. James Anderson, your local foot doctor talks about his decision to become a podiatrist. The importance of feet in daily life and the high success rate drove Dr. Anderson to choose podiatry as his line of work. Anderson Podiatry Center has two locations, in Fort Collins and Broomfield, which provides patients easy access.

With 40 years of being in business, Anderson Podiatry Center has a great reputation and a lot of experience in various foot ailments. From the most common ailments of plantar facilities to the latest in regenerative medicine using stem cells, Anderson Podiatry provides full-service foot care.

Dr. Anderson is known across North America for his published work and book on Restless Leg Syndrome by opening nerve tunnels or nerve decompression.

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