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No Solution for RLS?

Zelda had struggled with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for years. The constant need to move her legs and creepy-crawly sensation was keeping her awake at night and affecting her daily activities. “I went to different doctors,” Zelda says, “But they told me there was nothing they could do.”

When You Can’t Sit Still

Zelda’s RLS symptoms didn’t just flare up at night, she was having a hard time getting through her daily activities as well.

“I couldn’t go to church anymore. I couldn’t go to a movie, or sit down to crotchet or even eat a meal.” Zelda says. She tried taking a medicine called Tramadol, but most of the time, it didn’t help. She eventually tried spraying Icy Hot on her legs just to dull the pain.

Finally, An Answer Online

The constant need to get up and pace was taking a toll on Zelda. “I couldn’t stay still, and I couldn’t get any relief,” she says.

Finally, one day, her daughter got online to look for answers, found Dr. James Anderson, DPM, and made an appointment.

RLS Non-Surgical Treatment

Zelda met with the Dr. Anderson, and he recommended a combination of ESTIM and MLS laser treatment. Dr. Anderson says, “This was a great option for Zelda because she was able to avoid surgery, and get the relief that she was looking for.”

ESTIM is an electrical stimulation treatment. “We use this to send various pulse waves into the leg, and it can stimulate the nerves to want to repair themselves,” Dr. Anderson explains.

The MLS laser works more on the cellular level. Dr. Anderson says, “The mitochondria is the “energy-creating” part of your cells. The laser works by targeting the mitochondria specifically in the nerve cells to help repair the damaged nerve tissue.”

All the Difference

For Zelda, this treatment made all the difference. Before she even finished her treatment, she was reporting 90-95% improvement in her symptoms.

“Now, I can sit. I can eat, and I don’t have any pain. I’m sleeping through the night, and the jittery feeling is gone,” she says. Zelda is back to the activities she loves. She can crotchet, go to the movies, and go to church. Her advice for others experiencing RLS symptoms is this.

“Just make an appointment because there is no one else out there doing this. Even if it only helps 75%, it’s worth it. To be able to sleep, and live your daily life again, it makes all the difference in the world.”


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  1. February 24, 2018

    How can we get info on the ESTIM and MLS laser tx if we live far away. I live in Atlanta GA. Are there docs in my area who do this? I’m 74, live in senior living so coming to Colorado isn’t an option. Thanks, Burma Garrett

    • May 9, 2018

      Hi Burma! Thanks for your question. Our locations are only in Colorado and Wyoming, so we do not have any direct locations to refer you to in Georgia, unfortunately. We would recommend an online search using the terms “MLS Laser” and “Estim” in combination with your city and state to see if there are providers near you who offer this. We are sorry to hear you cannot travel here, we would love to see you!

  2. January 10, 2020

    I have had severe RLS for 40 years. I have taken multiple parkinson medications as well as methadone cocktails with limited relief lasting only a short time.
    Currently I am take Requip (Ropinole) and am living as a zombie. If I take it during the day, I often will fall asleep or fight the symptoms while in conversation. I hesitate to drive or leave my home but cannot sit in a movie, basketball game or church without having to get up and stand in the back moving around continually. If sitting in church or riding in the car, I massage my legs or toss and turn uncontrollably.
    Four months ago, I had stem cell injections but have not had any relief at all at this time. Very discouraging.
    My husband is diligent in searching the internet for any studies or new cures to help relieve my symptoms. This is a new approach of interest.

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