Toe nail fungus (Onychomycosis) is a common affliction. The yellow discoloration and thickening are annoying. Many call it an icky problem. At Anderson Podiatry Center we were one of the first laser treatment centers in the country. We have lots of experience and are happy to report that our patients like Corinna are happy with their results. She shares her experience in this video and you’ll to see how clear her nails are. So if you’re tired of using topical antifungal agents that are unsuccessful or are concerned about the liver toxicity of the oral medication Lamisil then consider laser.

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What are the symptoms of fungal nails?

  • Thickening nails
  • Nails break or peel easily
  • Yellow or discolored appearance
  • Nail pulls away or break from the toe

How do we treat it?

The fungus in nails differs from Athlete’s foot in resistance and therefore harder to treat. Upon infecting the nail it usually gets even more demanding. Off the counter medication may not work for everyone and that is why laser treatment is effective in rectifying the problem.

Laser treatment plus points

  • Lack of pain or recovery time
  • Repeated applications for lengthy time frame or use of toxic meds
  • Specific are of the nail is targeted with no spill over to the skin or nail area
  • Immediate visual improvement due to the grinding down of thick nails to ensure the laser can reach the affected area.


  • Always keep your toes and feet dry.
  • Shoes need to be aired out between usage.
  • Socks should be changed regularly, especially after working out or sweating.
  • Keep a separate pair of nail clippers and files
  • Use baking soda to keep your shoes dry and it also helps remove odour
  • Medical spas are better to get a manicure or pedicure since they keep all supplies sterilized and disinfected
  • While showering in a public place use sandals

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