Ken had an arthritic joint in his right foot and underwent regenerative medicine to provide him relief. This pain popped up almost overnight for Ken, and the next day he could not walk or put any weight on his foot. In fact, Ken was limping around since the foot was so swollen and painful.

Anderson Podiatry Center numbed the area and used a product derived from placenta cells to inject in Ken’s foot. Afterwards, there was a small bit of pain, but Ken was walking comfortably and is now entirely back to normal. No more pain!

For more than eight years Anderson Podiatry has offered regenerative medicine as an advanced treatment option. It is very popular among patients as it can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery. The treatment is also very safe, with little to no downtime when compared to surgical options.

If pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, or shoulders is keeping you from being active, breakthrough regenerative medicine can help turn back the clock. Regenerative medicine can stimulate the body’s natural healing process, relieving pain from issues like arthritis to soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis

With regenerative options, we can recreate tissues and reverse this degenerative process. Our patients are then able to get back to the activities they enjoy such as walking, hiking, running and gardening quickly without the downtime or invasive procedures often associated with surgical interventions.

Regenerative Medicine can get you back to your active lifestyle. If you have any questions about how Anderson Podiatry can help you, call and mention this page to schedule a free phone or office consult.

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