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New Year… New Feet… New Shoes!

“Beauty is Pain”

For Susan, the saying, “Beauty is Pain” rang very true when she discovered that trying to fit into her stylish shoes was causing her feet unbearable irritation and foot pain from her bunions! “They became very painful, and it was hard to find shoes that were comfortable.” Susan was one of many bunion (big toe pain) patients that we see in our office. In fact, there are 3 million cases reported in the United States each year! 

Something had to be done…

“The bunions were really difficult because they had grown worse over the years. My mom had them horribly, and I just couldn’t go down that road. I decided to go forward with the surgery!” Susan couldn’t bear her bunions preventing her from sporting her favorite footwear any longer, so she came to us to get them removed. Bunion surgery has a high success rate and will have you walking comfortably for life.

Pop back in her step!

We were happy to help Susan with her unbearable foot pain. The surgery went remarkably well, and she is beaming at the sight of her brand new feet! “I’m so thankful, I can’t say enough about how good Dr. Anderson was and the staff, everybody has been great.” 

Along with the support of her family, Susan should never be at a shortage of stylish footwear again. “My family pulled through for Christmas. I received a DSW gift card and I bought NORMAL shoes and they feel great! I’m very very happy with my new feet.”

Do you or a loved one have bunions? We would love to discuss options with you. Give us a call to make foot pain a thing of the past!

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