annual shoes for the holidays campaign

Sharing shoes saves souls.

A Mom who needed a pair of shoes to apply for a job, A boy whose ‘new’ shoes kept him from getting bullied at school, a homeless man whose shoes helped keep him warm in winter.

These are the stories we hear every year at donation sites from those who are truly in need and for whom a simple pair of shoes improves their self esteem or means the difference between getting a job and not, or protects from the elements while living on the streets.

“One in five people in Larimer County currently lives in poverty,” said Adriann Anderson, COO of Anderson Podiatry Center. “You need more than one pair of shoes and you can go through shoes pretty fast…the need just keeps recurring year after year.”

To help provide shoes to those in need, Anderson Medical Center is sponsoring the 31st Annual Shoes for the Holidays. They are hoping to bring in over 4,000 pairs of shoes and socks! Help them reach that goal by donating lightly used footwear, or by volunteering for the drive.

People can drop off their items at any of the following locations (call for specific times):

Anderson Podiatry Center – 1355 Riverside Ave. Suite C – (970)-484-4620

Runner’s Roost – 3500 S. College Ave. Suite 178 – (970)-224-9144

Immanuel Lutheran Church and School – 4650 Sunview Drive – (970)-667-4506

J. Day’s Appliance – 132 E. 7th St. – (970)-669-1357

Anderson Podiatry Center – 1440 N. Boise Ave. – (303)-469-2940

Anderson Podiatry Center – 1950 Bluegrass Circle, Suite 150 – (307)-634-7062

“Normally, people many times would think about just discarding them [shoes] when there’s still useful life left…” said Dr. Jim Anderson of Anderson Podiatry Center. “It’s helpful to have people continue to [donate]. We thank you all.”

To directly arrange a drop-off, contact Erin Bergstrom, co-facilitator, at (970) 691-0320 or Adriann Anderson at (970) 484 4621.

Those who want to volunteer with the drive can help with sorting the shoes and socks from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 4 at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School in Loveland.  Call Erin (above) to sign up.

Thanks for your help with this very important and urgent need!

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