heel pain treatment

(Be sure to watch until the end of the video for an Ultrasound visual of before and after Ray’s fascia!) Ray’s bump in the trail. The plantar fascia has a BIG job. It stabilizes the arch of the foot and allows flexion of the first metatarsal, enabling the first metatarsal to carry the majority of…

bunion pain gone patient testimonial

New Year… New Feet… New Shoes! “Beauty is Pain” For Susan, the saying, “Beauty is Pain” rang very true when she discovered that trying to fit into her stylish shoes was causing her feet unbearable irritation and foot pain from her bunions! “They became very painful, and it was hard to find shoes that were…

annual shoes for the holidays campaign

Sharing shoes saves souls. A Mom who needed a pair of shoes to apply for a job, A boy whose ‘new’ shoes kept him from getting bullied at school, a homeless man whose shoes helped keep him warm in winter. These are the stories we hear every year at donation sites from those who are…

announce our company’s name change

There’s been a makeover taking place around here and we are proud to announce our company’s name change, expanded services, and launch of our updated website! To Celebrate, see our LIMITED TIME SPECIALS below! Offering excellence and innovation for 35 years in Podiatric and Neuropathy Care to Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states, Anderson Podiatry Center has now…

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