Many of you have been led to believe that restless legs may have to do with dopamine a neurotransmitter in the brain, or your iron levels or magnesium levels. Yes this may have a role however from my experience, the experiences of my patients along with my research point another direction, THE LEGS! Yes where your symptoms are located and where the cause is are the same. For many the nerve tunnels in the lower extremity have become to tight. The symptoms of restlessness, cramping, jerking and creepy crawley sensations then begin.

For many that first learn this its like the lights turned on. Common comments are,

“this makes so much sense” and “I knew there had to be an answer”

Have you ever wondered why few doctors do a full examination of the nerves in the lower extremity.

Often your diagnosed with Restless legs by the symptoms you share with your doctor as that is the standard of care. You may be surprised to find how little research has been done evaluating the nerves in your legs regarding your Restless legs. Currently we have one peer reviewed study to back up what I’m saying. A second study with more rigorous data will soon be submitted for publication. When everyone’s searching for metabolic problems as the issue I’m saying consider it to be a mechanical issue from compression of nerve tunnels. This has been shown to be the root cause. You may also be wondering why is a podiatrist opening the door to this new pathway. I suspect most of what you read about restless legs is coming from the Neurologists. Why aren’t they talking about this? Most doctors have been poorly trained in the evaluation and treatment of the peripheral nerves in the lower extremity so the pathway to this discovery you may find interesting. Like so many revolutionary changes it took people on the outside looking in and saying “have we ever considered this?” Its an area of medicine that’s been ignored and it’s time that you consider the peripheral nerve tunnels in your legs as the problem.

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