Foot Bunion

What Are Bunions? You have all seen a person wearing beautiful sandals, but notice a big bump or protrusion on the side of their foot by the big toe. Or maybe you’ve seen an area of the shoe by the big toe that is being pushed out- looking as though it wants to bust through….

bunion pain gone patient testimonial

New Year… New Feet… New Shoes! “Beauty is Pain” For Susan, the saying, “Beauty is Pain” rang very true when she discovered that trying to fit into her stylish shoes was causing her feet unbearable irritation and foot pain from her bunions! “They became very painful, and it was hard to find shoes that were…

Treat big toe pain and bunion

Big toe pain can make you dread putting on your favorite shoes or boots am I right? Matt felt that way too but not anymore! Matt called our office with fairly advanced big toe pain which had progressed to the point that walking was painful and running and sports were getting harder and harder to…

matt bunions on both feet

Matt had a truly great experience at Anderson Podiatry from the moment he walked in and was greeted by the receptionist. The environment was very comfortable, and all doctors and nurses were incredibly knowledgeable and helped him understand what to expect from beginning to end. Matt had bunions on both of his feet since he…

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