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Sports and Exercise Training and Injury: The Good,
The Bad, and The Answer

By Stephen Wilkinson, DPM

The Goal (aka: The Good):

Just imagine that you have trained for a running event, such as a full marathon or half
marathon, for anywhere from three to six months and have spent thousands of direct and
indirect dollars in preparation. Or you have spent time and money revitalizing your exercise
routine in a determined effort to meet your fitness goals. You are organized and motivated
and, if you are training for an event, have chosen a specific race date. Perhaps you have
scheduled vacation time off, and prepaid all expenses. You also try to balance the rest of
your life as well: eating, sleeping, working, and being an engaged and active member in
your important relationships.

The Injury and aftermath (aka: The Bad):

Then the unthinkable happens. You start to feel foot or leg pain and become injured during
your training or workout routine, placing your preparation and any event goals in jeopardy.
To make matters worse, you take more time to visit a well-intended sports medicine
specialist, local podiatrist or other care provider who does not understand who you really
are or your motivation. You receive his or her best recommendations that include generic
and un-customized directions that often include abandoning your running or activity goals,
not taking into account that you are physically and mentally invested. You may even decide
to continue with your current training or exercise routine and soon find that you are getting
worse instead of better.

The Answer:

What do you do? At Anderson Center for Regenerative Medicine I recommend that you
consider our total athlete evaluation and rehabilitation program before you are forced to
submit to regret and disappointment.

Here is where I come in:

  • I examine all aspects of who you are in total.
  • I begin by understanding your goals as completely and specifically as possible.
  • I learn the past and recent history of your fitness and its evolution.
  • I trace your health and training or exercise progression in all aspects from the origin of your idea to your current status.
  • I use over thirty years of office experience and road and ultra-running experience to understand what you are going to need to reach your goal and maintain optimal foot, ankle, and lower extremity health.
  • I access the physical and mental assets you possess to reach the finish line.
  • This includes nutrition, sleep, mental attitude, injury mechanism,
    training or exercise schedule and equipment, and potential of your
    current injury.
  • As a Podiatrist specially trained in sports medicine, I am able to present and use
    advanced modalities to stop your foot or ankle pain or injury progression and move
    you back to the starting line. These can include nutrition and training guidance as
    well as custom orthotics and regenerative medicine products. Surgery is a last resort.

In essence, I use a success centered mind and body restorative process and training
redirection to help you meet your goals to include healing your current injury, preventing
future injury, and completing your event or attaining your fitness goals.

If you have an important goal to accomplish and are hindered by running or exercise pain,
foot problems or injury, ankle injuries, plantar fasciitis or other problems, give me a call at
Anderson Center for Regenerative Medicine. I am not only ready to listen and understand, I
am also ready to help.

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Dr. Wilkinson is an ultra-runner, having completed many 50 and 100-mile races.
As a Podiatrist who has successfully weathered his own sports injuries in the past, Dr.
Wilkinson enjoys working with patients who are also athletes pursuing their own fitness
goals. He believes in injury prevention through gait analysis, biomechanics and sound,
reasonable training techniques but is also an astute provider of clinical and surgical
methodology to help return injured athletes to their playing field.
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