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My favorite treat meal

A fond memory from my childhood is the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls wafting out from the kitchen. My mom would make these on Saturdays, and I sure did love to eat them. For all I knew back then, that was the breakfast of champions. Now, it’s my favorite treat meal.

So let’s fast forward. I’m now approaching my mid-sixties and I’m grateful to say I still run, ski, bike and hike. I’ve managed to keep fit and today I did a 90-minute trail run. I’m on no medication, have no significant medical problems and I’m not overweight. And I’m very grateful!

What I want to share is what works for me. It’s a compilation of books and articles I’ve read, my personal experience and those of other active fit people that continue to stay there into their senior years.

So although I am a specialist who treats the feet and conditions below the knee, I thought I would take a shot at sharing my own diet and fitness story too. My passion for this comes from treating patients suffering from nerve pain. Some have diabetes or pre-diabetes and have neuropathy. An important part of decreasing inflammation and preventing diseases like these is diet and exercise. So, I am hoping maybe this podiatrist can help you find a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Here’s what has worked for me

I’m strict about what I eat during the five work days and give myself a little freedom to dabble in some junk food on weekends. My diet is not perfect, but it’s about 80 percent there. Exercise for me during the week is minimal, with ten to 15 minutes of weights, elliptical, yoga , push-ups or pull-ups, three of the five days.


I consider breakfast the most important meal, and I don’t vary it too much. My favorite is eggs, either boiled or scrambled with spinach. I may grab a few baby carrots too. If not eggs, then it’s a couple handfuls of mixed nuts. I have one large organic coffee with butter and coconut oil, also known as “bulletproof coffee.” To spice it up, I add cinnamon, since it’s a good anti-inflammatory.


For lunch, I usually have canned smoked oysters or sardines, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. I may also have an orange, grapefruit or banana. This lunch is portable and easy for me to eat during a busy work day.


This I’m the least strict about. Usually I have chicken, salmon or grass-fed beef and occasionally, steak. I try to avoid starches like pizza or pastas, but may backslide two or three times a month. I am human after all.

And finally, I’ve recently gotten in the habit of fasting on Mondays. I have my coffee, but nothing else except water until dinner. Notice I avoid breads with a special exception…

treat meal

My favorite part of the week

Here it is. My favorite part of the week. I call it my “sticky bun run.” Saturday, I am up and on my way to Whole Foods. I get my sticky bun and bulletproof coffee. Then, I enjoy it as I drive up to the mountain trails west of Fort Collins. I will run 30 -60 minutes. With the fresh air, blood flowing, coffee and sticky bun on board, a lot of problems and weekly stress quickly goes away.

trail running_treat meal

My message to you is simple. Get your veggies and fruits, reduce the carbs and sugars, and increase the healthy fats. They will satiate your appetite.

But most of all be kind to yourself, personalize it and find out on your own what works for you. Be consistent and honest with yourself. I’ve seen too many people reach too far and give up. You decide! Enjoy your food, your life, your exercise, and just keep moving.

And hey, have a sticky bun every once and awhile. Doctor’s orders (wink, wink).

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