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Have you ever been injured? If you have, you know that anyone who has had a physical condition, sports or any injury that affects mobility or quality of life has the same goal: A rapid return to everyday activities. From practicing cryotherapy to speed up muscle healing, to spending thousands of dollars on therapy… people…

ankle problems

With all the wear and tear we put our bodies through it’s no wonder we go to bed sore at night. We often get so accustomed to these persistent aches and pains that we just live with them. It’s normal to have foot pain and ankle pain after a long day of work, right? Sometimes,…

How to avoid ankle fusion or replacemet

One of the most debilitating problems is arthritis in the ankle joint. This can be caused from overuse or just getting older (wear and tear). It can also be caused by previous injuries including an old ankle fracture or repetitive ankle sprains. In both situations the cartilage that lines the joint may become damaged to…

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