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With all the wear and tear we put our bodies through it’s no wonder we go to bed sore at night. We often get so accustomed to these persistent aches and pains that we just live with them. It’s normal to have foot pain and ankle pain after a long day of work, right? Sometimes, yes.

Minor aches and pains at the end of the day, especially if you live an active lifestyle, are typically nothing more than a tired body that needs rest, but don’t let these minor aches and pains you are used to feeling make you ignore more serious issues that require treatment.

Some of the most common foot problems that are ignored are in the ankle. People frequently excuse genuine ankle issues to simple daily wear and tear, so they don’t seek treatments that can help. Three common problems that shouldn’t be ignored include:

  1. Ankle Instability– If you sprain your ankle regularly, have stiff or swollen ankles, or have trouble walking across uneven ground, (especially in high heels) then you may actual suffer from ankle instability.
  2. Ankle Pain– If your ankle seems to always be in pain, tender to touch, swollen, or unstable, this could be a signal to a larger problem, such as arthritis, a fracture, or an inflamed tendon.
  3. Ankle Sprain– Spraining an ankle is a very common injury that often heals on its own with proper rest and care, but when it won’t heal is when there is concern. If your ankle sprain is not healing, is swollen, bruised, painful, and difficult to walk on, then you need to get it looked at. Serious ankle sprains when untreated can develop into long-term problems.

Ankle instability, pain, and sprains can put a huge damper on your active lifestyle. If you experience any or all of the above, the below treatment options may be what youDon't Ignore Ankle Problems need:

  • AmnioFix Therapy this new, regenerative medical product enhances healing, reduces scar tissue formation, reduces inflammation, and may be just what your ankle needs to heal.
  • Custom orthotics- doctor-fitted orthotics made from the mold of your actual foot offer huge benefits to your feet and ankles.
  • Casting– casting a mold of your foot is typically done when making custom orthotics, and allows a podiatrist to see the exact condition of your ankle, so they can treat it correctly.
  • Physical therapy- some ankle injuries require physical therapy, especially if they go ignored and cause more permanent damage.
  • Braces or supports– these may not sound ideal, but if they ease your pain, prevent further injury, or fix current problems they are worth it.
  • Arthroscopic surgery– this minimally invasive joint surgery can help fix many common ankle injuries.
  • MLS Laser Therapy- this laser therapy is an exciting new treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions that cause pain, including ankle problems.

If you have chronic ankle problems don’t ignore them! We are here to help you keep active! Call us today!

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