weight affects your feet

Your feet are a vital part of your daily activity; they are responsible for carrying your entire body around. When you suffer from foot pain, whether temporary or chronic, everyday activities suddenly—and frustratingly—become much harder to accomplish. There are many causes for foot pain, but a common culprit is your body weight. As troublesome as…

How to avoid ankle fusion or replacemet

One of the most debilitating problems is arthritis in the ankle joint. This can be caused from overuse or just getting older (wear and tear). It can also be caused by previous injuries including an old ankle fracture or repetitive ankle sprains. In both situations the cartilage that lines the joint may become damaged to…

Runner's Shoes - proper shoes can prevent injures, but orthotics can help heal

Sadly, jogging injuries are not uncommon. In fact, it’s very likely that you or someone you know has been benched due to a jogging injury, whether it be a shin splint, sprained ankle, leg or foot pain, or a stress fracture. With a little help and preparation, you can ensure you stay off the bench…

Neruopathy can stop you from simple tasks like walking, driving, or even staying balanced

It starts with some tingling in your feet, and maybe a little in your legs.  Then, the tingling turns into pain: sharp jabbing or stabbing sensations. You begin to lose coordination in your feet, and you start being more at risk of falling down. One day, paralysis may even occur. It’s frustrating, it’s frightening, but…

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