CJs testimonials chronic tendon pain

The new year is here, and for many of us that means it’s time to focus on our health, and address some of those lingering issues we’ve been putting off. Today, I will share a success story of a patient who was dealing with chronic joint and tendon pain for several years. My goal is…

Chronic foot pain injury

It’s never fun to suffer an injury of any kind. There is always the initial pain and limitations. But, what happens when the pain doesn’t go away even when the injury is “healed?” Does it just need more time? Are you doing something wrong? In many cases, the injuries look completely healed on X-rays or…

Achilles tendon pain

We all start life with a limited number of bone and joint “poker chips” and these are not distributed fairly. Our genetics as passed on by our parents goes a long way to determine how prone we are to chronic tendonitis or arthritis. The different types of activities we do over the years for work…

running shoe jumping

Whether you are new to the running game, or starting a new kind of activity like hiking or cross training, picking out the right kind of shoe can be a stressful task. As a podiatrist and an athlete, I will tell you that it is very important to find a athletic shoe that fits your…

massive crowd running

As a podiatrist and a runner/triathlete, I know personally and professionally how important it is to take the proper steps to train for a race. Perhaps you have never run a race before and are training for your first 5k. Or, maybe you are more advanced and are ready to take on your first marathon….

3 Common Injuries in Athletes: Tendonitis

In the first blog, we talked about stress fractures being the first of the three most common injuries we typically see in athletes. Today, let’s dive into #2 and #3, and talk about causes, prevention and treatment. 2. Tendonitis Once again, this injury is from overuse. The most common type of tendonitis we see involving…

Stretch Lower Calf Muscle

Stretching is a very useful tool in alleviating tight muscles, loosening up before or after a workout, or just for general wellbeing. However, some muscles are much harder to stretch than others, and not stretching them can cause problems. The calf muscle, for example, can be very difficult to stretch if you don’t know how….

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