Muscles and tendons tibialis anterior tendonitis

It is most common towards the front of the ankle area. The symptoms of tibialis anterior tendonitis may also create pain above the ankle in the lower leg adjacent to the tibia.

cheilectomy surgery

Cheilectomy is a surgical procedure performed on the great toe to remove spurring from the top of the joint. The surgery is performed to help with pain in the great toe joint and also on top of the great toe joint.

chronic ankle instability

Ankle sprains are a common foot and ankle injury. When ankle sprains recur frequently or if not treated properly this can lead to chronic ankle instability. Proper treatment and evaluation are important as ankle sprains tend to be undertreated and not always thoroughly evaluated.

foot surgical center

Teamwork, Savings, And Great service – Why It All Really Matters! When you’re needing surgery for your foot problems, having a surgical center within the clinic gives you an advantage. When non-surgical options such as physical therapy fail to give relief of your foot or ankle problems, surgery may become part of your treatment plan….

Treat big toe pain and bunion

Big toe pain can make you dread putting on your favorite shoes or boots am I right? Matt felt that way too but not anymore! Matt called our office with fairly advanced big toe pain which had progressed to the point that walking was painful and running and sports were getting harder and harder to…

elsies story heel pain and knee pain

Walking On My Toes Elsie didn’t have time for heel pain. She loved being active and going for runs, and suddenly heel pain had stopped her in her tracks. “I was walking on my toes,” Elsie said. “The pain was so bad, I couldn’t put any pressure on my heels. So I had to stop…

older woman and daughter hiking

On My Feet All Day As a kindergarten teacher for many years, Grace was used to being on her feet all day. “I was busy,” Grace says, “And I just didn’t have time to address all my aches and pains.” Grace had pain in her big toes, but she ignored it and kept up with…

CJs testimonials chronic tendon pain

The new year is here, and for many of us that means it’s time to focus on our health, and address some of those lingering issues we’ve been putting off. Today, I will share a success story of a patient who was dealing with chronic joint and tendon pain for several years. My goal is…

Anderson receiving award

The Patient Who Started It All 14 years ago, I made a bold decision to do something conventional medicine wasn’t doing. Little did I know it would change my professional life forever. Back then, I never thought that one day I would work to reverse the symptoms of neuropathy (the burning, tingling, numbness and pain…

physician examination neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a very common issue that affects patient’s legs and feet. Yet for something so common, we have a long way to go to help manage this painful and potentially debilitating problem. For most people, the symptoms start slowly and gradually worsen over time. This slow onset can delay the onset of diagnosis…

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