covid 19 update offering telemedicine andersone medical center

Now Offering Telemedicine and Home Visits! Click Here for Dr. Anderson’s Video Message On COVID-19 An update on COVID-19 from Anderson Podiatry Center and Anderson Podiatry Center: We are closely monitoring events in our local community and continuously updating our policies and protocols as new information arrives. Please know that during the stay in place order,…

annual shoes for the holidays campaign

Sharing shoes saves souls. A Mom who needed a pair of shoes to apply for a job, A boy whose ‘new’ shoes kept him from getting bullied at school, a homeless man whose shoes helped keep him warm in winter. These are the stories we hear every year at donation sites from those who are…


Judy Schmidt was at the end of her rope. After more than 20 years of debilitating neuropathy, countless doctors’ appointments, and pain that just wouldn’t let up, she was ready to quit. Finally, she found hope for her neuropathic pain. Life Before Neuropathy Judy was a woman with a life. She had run a successful business…

triathlon training

I am new to the triathlon arena and I have signed up for the Boulder Half Ironman this fall.  I have been training through the winter but not as much as I had hoped. Now that the weather is getting nicer,  I have really tried to ramp it up. I am finding training for the…

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