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Loveland Podiatrist

Anderson Podiatry Center has expanded to open a new office in Loveland, CO, located at 1440 N. Boise Ave, just north of Eisenhower Blvd. The new location is our fourth office, adding to the other areas we serve in Fort Collins, Broomfield and Cheyenne.

We are excited to have Kelli Veit-Gautreau as our patient care coordinator, and likewise excited to have Dr, Stephen Wilkinson, DPM, and his medical assistant staff provide care for the Loveland community.

We will be celebrating the grand opening of our new office with an open house on Friday, March 29th from 2:00 until 5:00. Stay tuned!

We at Anderson Podiatry Center are dedicated to maintaining and expanding our expertise and services across the Front Range to address the diverse medical needs of patients in these areas. For more than 35 years, we have provided a full range of podiatric medical and surgical services.

We are also known throughout the area and country for our ongoing research in the field of neuropathy and restless legs as well as for breakthrough diagnostic and treatment services for the same that are not found elsewhere.

And now we also offer integrated medicine with the addition of our MD staff to treat chronic pain and injuries throughout the body via new, cutting edge treatments in medicine that bring new, non-surgical options to patients.

integrated medicine with the addition of our MD staff“I’m very excited to see the Loveland office open. It demonstrates Anderson Podiatry Center’s commitment to growth and expansion of services,” commented James Anderson, DPM, our president, and owner. “At Anderson Podiatry Center, we believe that successfully providing full-service care to our patients requires more than just knowledge. We are passionate about improving the quality of life of our patients. Our commitment to providing modern, excellent care and unparalleled communication and customer service has helped put us at the forefront of medical care in the area and indeed, around the United States.”

Check out all the services we offer:

  • Podiatric medicine and surgery for all foot, ankle and lower extremity problems: from bunions and heel pain, arthritis and fractures, diabetic and wound care, pediatric foot concerns, and tendon problems to ingrown nails, fungal nails and more.
  • Our own state of the art surgical center: We offer the first and only complete foot-care center in the tri-state (Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska) region, with specialized staff and equipment that bring you the latest in surgical care and expertise. Now also offering surgeries for nerve conditions throughout the body.
  • Innovative treatments that reverse neuropathy of the lower extremities
  • Treatments for nerve conditions throughout the body such as chronic pain, pain following knee replacement or shoulder surgery, back or neck pain and chronic migraine headaches.
  • Laser treatments for pain relief and injury recovery such as for Plantar Fasciitis, arthritis, sports injuries, tendon & ligament injuries, back & joint pain, wounds and post-surgical swelling.
  • Regenerative Medicine: From arthritis to soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis, regenerative medicine can stimulate your body’s natural healing process, relieving pain with minimal downtime.
  • Coming soon: Diabetes Relief: A physiology-based approach that goes far beyond diet, exercise, and medicine: an innovative new care plan that addresses the root cause of diabetic complications: Metabolic failure. Instead of pills, tonics, diets, exercise, and lectures to diabetics, relief is finally possible! More to come!

Give us a call today, we can help!  800-866-4620

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