Jacque tarsal tunnel, drop foot, neuropathy, mortons foot

Jacque’s experience at Anderson Podiatry was wonderful; she felt welcomed and safe, especially during the time of her surgery. According to Jacque, everyone was incredibly kind and she felt well taken care of as all of her questions were answered.

Jacque was treated for tarsal tunnel, and along with that she developed drop foot, neuropathy, mortons foot. The Anderson Podiatry team performed the surgery to release some of the nerves, and Jacque is now healing up very nicely.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is described as ankle pain due to a compressed nerve. If you have muscle weakness, twitching, tingling, loss of balance, numbness, burning, prickling sensations, and/or nerve pain in your legs or feet, you might be experiencing neuropathy, or nerve damage. Neuropathy can have many causes, like diabetes, infections, injury,, and cancers, and can worsen over time.

The trained specialists at Anderson Podiatry Center know what it’s like to experience neuropathy: which is why we were the first doctors in the Rocky Mountain region to offer nerve decompression treatment that offers long-lasting relief. Our world-renowned podiatrists use the latest technology to reveal the exact stage of the neuropathy and determine the most appropriate actions to take. Our varied and affordable treatment options for neuropathy include, a non-invasive, conservative treatment package that includes diagnostic testing, MLS® Laser Therapy, Electrical Nerve Stimulation (ESTIM), and nutritional counseling, as well as revolutionary nerve decompression surgery

The best aspect of the surgery has been that the neuropathy is basically gone, she does not have the drop foot anymore. It is the best outcome she could imagine since she could feel that her leg and foot have not dropped since the surgery.

Jacque would absolutely recommend Anderson Podiatry to her friends and family, and in fact- she already has!

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