Reconstructive foot surgery

What is reconstructive foot surgery?

“Reconstructive surgery” is a term you may have heard from time to time. This can mean very different things depending on what we are “reconstructing” and why. Reconstructive surgery can correct a condition you were born with like clubfoot or cleft palate. Or, it can correct something that developed due to an injury or chronic condition. Examples of this are arthritis or a deformity caused by injury, neurological condition, etc. These conditions can range in severity from “mild but annoying” to “severe and debilitating” and everywhere in between.

Examples of reconstructive surgery could be something as simple as a correction of a bunion deformity or a hammertoe deformity. In other cases, it could be a more severe deformity, such as a flat foot deformity that may need to be addressed surgically both in the child or in the adult. For others, it could be addressing an arthritic joint surgically. In many situations the option of reconstructive surgery occurs when conservative measures fail and if the symptoms are severe enough to affect a patient’s activity of daily living. One should be properly educated about the potential risks of surgery and consequences of delayed surgery.

It’s important that you as the patient understand why you are going to have the procedure done and what other options are available to you. When treating patients with these issues, our goal is get maximum improvement without needing surgery. when surgery is needed, we’ll advise you and consult with you about the various treatment options that we offer.

If you have questions, please schedule an appointment and come see us for an evaluation. We would love to help you get back on your feet. 

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