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Active Life

Get Back to Your Active Life

The more time I spend with patients, the more I see that no matter what their symptoms are, their primary desire is essentially the same. They want to get back to their previous activity level, and they want to do it fast. Whether they are a runner, busy parent, or professional who works on their feet, it’s important to get back to their normal, active life.

In the field of podiatry, many treatments we have utilized in the past have been successful at curing the patient’s complaint, but it often take months to complete. Traditional treatments like orthotics, walking boots, cortisone injections and physical therapy have their place in our specialty, but can take months to relieve foot or ankle symptoms.

The exciting thing is we now have innovative treatment options that allow us to get patients back to those activities significantly faster. We have modalities that allow us to heal the tissue that produces the inflammation, rather than doing the old standby treatments of cortisone, anti-inflammatories and ice. These treatments reduce the inflammation, but do not heal the injured tissue itself.

There are two innovative treatment options that we have today that not only address the inflammation, but can help to heal the injured tissue. These modalities, AmnioFix therapy, and laser therapy, work at a cellular level by creating a response to the inner tissue that helps it to heal more rapidly than we have ever seen before.

AmnioFix Therapy is a simple, in-office injection that enhances healing, reduces scar tissue formation, and reduces inflammation. MLS Laser therapy is an FDA-approved therapy that accelerates cellular reproduction and growth, and therefore helps damaged cells to repair faster.

The third treatment is the use of custom orthotics. Though this has been around for many years, we have found that when we use regenerative therapies like the laser and AmnioFix, combined with orthotics, patients are able to get back to their activities faster than ever before. Additionally, we are seeing less patients going on to surgery because of the success of these new treatments.

If you have been struggling with conditions like heel pain, arthritis, tendonitis, ligament sprains or tears, tendon tears, or plantar fasciitis, and haven’t been able to be as active as you once were, come see us. You don’t have to endure daily pain and there are options that can help. We will work with you based on your lifestyle and goals to get you back to where you want to be.

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