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I’d like to take a few moments to explain our philosophy at our Center for Nerve Pain. Many of you know generally what a podiatrist does. We work on feet and ankles. But why a center for nerve pain?  Why would you come to us for this?

At Anderson Podiatry Center we look at treating the source of your problem rather than the symptoms. Be it restless legs, neuropathy, or chronic nerve pain from trauma, we can thereby give you a very good chance at resolving these nerve problems on a long term basis and reversing your symptoms.

Patients can be divided into two groups based upon their current belief systems, or what they have been told about their neuropathy. These beliefs are very important to take the time to consider.

  1. The belief or of those who don’t come to our Nerve Pain Center are:
  • that the nerve symptoms below your knee probably originate from your back, so we can’t help you.
  • that the drugs you’re taking are helping your nerves and you’re fine with continuing down that pathway, so we can’t help you.
  • that it’s good enough to allow the drugs to mute your symptoms and you aren’t worried what this could progress to, so you won’t need our help.
  • that your nerves are just diseased from the diabetes, restless legs, or chemotherapy, and that’s just the way it is.

If you do have these belief, I’m sorry but we will be of no help. But I urge you to challenge these beliefs or what you may have been told.

Who does come to us? People who believe there’s got to be a better way. People who don’t like to take no for an answer when it comes to improving their nerve health and general wellbeing. We attract people to the center who most fit our beliefs. Some travel a great distance from many states away to hear what we have to say.

  1. The belief of those who do come to our Nerve Pain Center follow the same beliefs as we do; they don’t simply accept their condition, but they question:
  • Why do I have to be on drugs?
  • Why am I being told it’s because of my back?
  • Why am I told I just have to live with it?
  • Why am I told its not reversible?

Many of the people who find us feel more secure to know that we have a research team that tracks our outcomes. To disrupt and revise the standard way you’ve been treated and to back our outcomes with research is who we are, it is our mission and purpose!

Please check our website to learn more about our alternatives to these common beliefs about neuropathy.  You may be very glad you did.

So in summary, I have one more question: what do you BELIEVE?

Best Way to Treat Neuropathic Nerve Pain

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