ugly toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is a frustrating and embarrassing condition. It’s made even more difficult by the fact that there aren’t many long-lasting treatment options available. At Anderson Podiatry Center, however, we offer hope with our Laser Nail Treatment. We have a lot of experience treating fungal nails as we were the first in the Rocky Mountain area to introduce the laser nail concept in 2008. We feel we have refined our treatments to maximize the potential improvement this technology can offer.

Fungal nail (onychomycosis) has commonly been described by our patients as an “icky” condition. It can be painful, make nails difficult to trim, and many times embarrassing. Other treatment options can include topical, which you apply directly to the nail. This treatment, however, has a very low success rate. Oral medication called Lamisil can also be used. It can have a toxic effect to the liver, but I would consider it the second most successful option. It can be used in select situations, sometimes in combination with laser, but we discuss this on a case by case basis.

Finally, the laser option I feel gives you the best opportunity to help with your fungal nails. The laser we use is a Pinpointe Laser and was designed exclusively for treatment of nail fungus. The original research showed that in 88 percent of patients it was effective in improving their nails. From our experience we have found this to be true.

The laser treatment is safe and pain free. It works on the simple concept of creating a tremendous amount of heat in the nail. The heat is what kills the fungus. The laser light pulses so quickly into the nail that patients rarely experience the sensation of heat in the nail.

So, please consider this options for your fungal nail. Because of our vast experience combined with this excellent technology we can offer you the best chance of helping you with your nail concerns. We can give you the best chance of not being embarrassed to show your ugly toenails or constantly having to hide them with polish.


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