announce our company’s name change

There’s been a makeover taking place around here and we are proud to announce our company’s name change, expanded services, and launch of our updated website! To Celebrate, see our LIMITED TIME SPECIALS below! Offering excellence and innovation for 35 years in Podiatric and Neuropathy Care to Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states, Anderson Podiatry Center has now…

Sports and Exercise foot and ankle lower extremity injuries

Sports and Exercise Training – Ouch! What do I do if I’m Injured? Part Two of Two By Anderson Podiatry Center, in consult with Dr. Stephen Wilkinson, DPM, Sports Medicine Specialist at Anderson Podiatry Center Injury Treatment Plan In our last blog we covered the steps Dr Wilkinson takes to obtain a complete analysis that…

My motivation for writing this blog is to reach out to those taking medications for their nerve pain; to encourage you to pause and consider other options for treating your restless legs or neuropathy. To help illustrate my point, I would like to share with you a story: A patient I recently saw, I’ll call…

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