Stretch Lower Calf Muscle

Stretching is a very useful tool in alleviating tight muscles, loosening up before or after a workout, or just for general wellbeing. However, some muscles are much harder to stretch than others, and not stretching them can cause problems. The calf muscle, for example, can be very difficult to stretch if you don’t know how….

tendonitis progression

We all know living an active lifestyle is an essential component to being healthy. Whether you are a mega multi-marathon runner, an avid tennis player, a yoga instructor, or a mall walker, your exercise is an important part of your daily routine. However, this healthy lifestyle of yours is threatened when injuries arise in your feet, such as tendonitis. Tendonitis is common…


Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it: custom orthotics, made from a mold of your foot, are better than over-the-counter arch supports. How can I say this? Because I’m neutral on the subject. You see, during normal motion while walking or running, the foot can sometimes roll too far to one side….

most common causes and treatments for foot drop

I recently opened the paper on Sunday night and something in the sports section caught my eye. A star Notre Dame Football player, Jaylon Smith (soon to be playing professional football) has a drop foot. I researched more about his injury and subsequent reconstructive surgery to repair his knee. The discussion in the article was…

Runner's Shoes - proper shoes can prevent injures, but orthotics can help heal

Sadly, jogging injuries are not uncommon. In fact, it’s very likely that you or someone you know has been benched due to a jogging injury, whether it be a shin splint, sprained ankle, leg or foot pain, or a stress fracture. With a little help and preparation, you can ensure you stay off the bench…

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