Rock Bottom:

The Unfortunate Truth: Back pain is sadly very common, and has become one of the top reasons for trips to the doctor.  Even more unfortunate, back pain is also one of the hardest to treat, and treatments rarely lead to lifelong alleviation from pain.

Veronica knows this story very well, as her back had been giving her issues for years. Despite even having surgery, her low back pain persisted. “I had several problems in my back, and so consequently I had pain from my back all the way down my legs, knees and hips.”

She was given narcotics to deal with the pain, and over time became reliant on her medication to sleep every night. Determined to find a cure and a way out of her narcotics dependence, Veronica persisted and eventually came across Dr. Anderson, DPM, owner and podiatrist, and Dr. Johnston, MD and medical director at the Anderson Center for Nerve Pain and their neuromodulation therapy, Stivax.

Steve… who?:

Stivax is a non-narcotic neuromodulation treatment for many types of chronic pain and neuropathy, as well as peripheral artery disease (PAD). Stivax can help:

✔️Reduce or eliminate the need for addictive medications

✔️Reduce pain

✔️Increase endorphins

✔️Aid in quality sleep

Along with many more awesome benefits!

Stivax is a neurostimulation device worn externally for 3 treatments at 2 week intervals. It stimulates the vagus nerve to reduce hypersensitive or damaged nerve pain signals. Used in Europe for over 7 years, it has recently been cleared for use by the FDA in the United States. As a foot doctor who previously focused on foot and ankle pain, Dr Anderson has recently added Stivax to his practice, as Anderson Center for Nerve Pain continues to broaden their scope of treatments throughout the body, under the direction of Dr. Jake Johnston, MD, medical director.

Life without pain… finally! 

8 months after her treatment, Veronica has done a complete 180! Not only has her lower back pain resolved, she is also feeling much more energized due to the endorphins from her treatment. She exclaims to Dr. Anderson, “If I could wear it all the time, I would! That’s how good I feel”.

After Stivax, we are happy to announce that Veronica is completely off narcotics and is completely relieved of her back pain and medication dependence. We couldn’t be more thrilled for her!

Call us today to find out if Stivax can help you end you or a loved one’s fight with chronic pain!

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