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On My Feet All Day As a kindergarten teacher for many years, Grace was used to being on her feet all day. “I was busy,” Grace says, “And I just didn’t have time to address all my aches and pains.” Grace had pain in her big toes, but she ignored it and kept up with…

what causes hammertoe

Welcome to Hammertoes 101. In the last blog, we learned all about what a hammertoe is, and about the different types that can occur. For a quick recap, a hammertoe is essentially a bent toe; it is when your toe bends or curls, instead of pointing forward. There are two types of hammertoes: a mallet…

Hammertoe and Surgery

What are hammertoes? Hammertoes are the often painful deformities on toes that occur when your toe bends or curls instead of pointing forward and so it rubs against your shoes. You may not realize it, but there are different types of hammertoes. A hammertoe is really just a bent toe. This sounds simple enough, but…

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