announce our company’s name change

There’s been a makeover taking place around here and we are proud to announce our company’s name change, expanded services, and launch of our updated website! To Celebrate, see our LIMITED TIME SPECIALS below!

Offering excellence and innovation for 35 years in Podiatric and Neuropathy Care to Colorado, Wyoming and surrounding states, Anderson Podiatry Center has now become Anderson Medical Center.

Our new name reflects our continued commitment to help those who search for effective answers to acute and chronic pain and injuries in the lower extremity, and now throughout the body. With the addition of our MD staff, our services have expanded!

Does the cost of medical care keep you away?  Take advantage of one or all of these Limited Time Specials for a total cost savings of $1750!!  Nothing compares to this value! 

Anderson Podiatry Center

Our flagship practice, originally known as Poudre Valley Foot and Ankle Center, is long known for excellence and innovation in podiatric care for all foot ankle and lower extremity problems.


  • $150 off Custom Orthotics *
  • One Free Nail Fungus Laser Treatment ($300 value)*
  • Free Surgical Consult (up to $350 value)*     

Anderson Center for Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

Our doctors are among a select few who specialize in treating chronic pain due to various types of conditions and injuries to peripheral nerves. If your pain or numbness is due to injury or entrapment or compression of one or more peripheral nerves, there is a very high chance that we can help.  From neuropathy to migraines to Restless Leg Syndrome and chronic pain, we’re here to help.


  • Free Initial Office Visit to see what can be done to help you finally be done with your chronic pain! (up to $350 value)

Anderson Center for Regenerative Medicine

If pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, or shoulders is keeping you from being active, breakthrough regenerative medicine can stimulate your body’s natural healing process and help turn back the clock.  Avoid surgery, get relief.


  • $200-$500 off Regenerative Medicine Treatment

Anderson Center for Laser Pain Therapy

Our MLS laser is a non-invasive pain management technique that uses low-level laser therapy to reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate healing for painful joints, muscles, backs, headaches, faster post-operative recovery, and more.  Fast acting!


  • One Free MLS Laser Treatment  ($70-$100 value)*


Click HERE to visit our new website and find out more!

Or book an appointment today.

*New or Established patients not currently under mentioned care. Any other x-rays, testing or other treatment not included.  Offers Valid December 9, 2019 through January 15, 2020

We hope you enjoy these changes to our practice as much as we do!  Call us to see how we can help you live your best life!

Helping to heal, care for and improve the human body.

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